Connect and interact with the entire fediverse

Owlephant is a cross-platform mobile app that allows users to manage and interact with any popular “fediverse” service (e.g. Pixelfed, Mastodon, Peertube, Pleroma) from the convenience of a single app.

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What is Owlephant?

Owlephant is an open source platform dedicated to growing the fediverse that enables users to view and interact with any instance on the fediverse like Mastodon, PeerTube, Pleroma, and more all in the same feed. it will be available on iOS and Android. We are committed to improving the reach of ActivityPub because we believe in free and open source software that can protect, respect and fulfill our rights and civil liberties in free flowing communication, and owlephant is the mobile answer.

We want to make it even easier for the average person to download our app and be thrusted into the Fediverse. By using owlephant you change the rules of the game.

Another factor that we're extremely dedicated to is accessibility. One of the founders of owlephant is deaf, and the struggles he faces on a daily basis is something that we would like to change. There's many other people with disabilities who also struggle to access social media and we would like to help them.

We want to bring everyone together with a unified experience across iOS and Android.

Cross platform image showing iOS, Android and Desktop
Cross Platform

iOS, Android, Desktop, Web Appliance, Smart Fridges, works on multiple platforms and devices

An image showing different networks tied to one source, Owlephant
One App, Multiple Service

View and chat from a single source, from numerous sources (Like Mastodon, PixelFed, Pleroma)

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Our accessibility commitment will be evident in our app design and flow

WHY is Owlephant?

Owlephant is designed from the start to be accessible, and cross platform.

We've found that the current apps are not great, and that they're not cross platform and they do not seem to care about accessibility, and we do.

Our app is designed with accessibility in mind, and we will do everything in our power to make sure people with various disabilities can enjoy the fediverse - dictation, captions for videos, and so on. We will be talking with various disability groups to make sure that we can make this work for everyone.

As for the name? We like puns

An image depicting a person for accessibility


A color palate that is easy on the eyes, with the option to change if needed
We offer dictation so people with disabilities can enjoy the fediverse
Hands free ways to navigate the mobile app
Captioning on video content when possible

Privacy Commitment

We do not log anything on our servers, nor save anything
Everything is encrypted
We are committed to making sure everyone is completely safe