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Mike Mackenzie

Mike has spent time developing software and networks within the New Zealand healthcare industry. As someone who has been deaf since birth, and received a Cochlear Implant, Mike's got a very good grasp on how business, software and social media combine here in New Zealand and abroad.

A practical person, with a knack of solving real world problems with Information Technology. He thinks the time is perfect for people to make the next jump into managing their health better. He's obsessed with accessibility and wants to make the world more accessible to those with disabilities - from personal experience, it makes his ambition even stronger.

Mike also created a group called CaptionItNZ, in which he made notable companies such as Air New Zealand, Slingshot and Spark create captions for their social media videos via educating them on why it's a good idea. Not just for those who are deaf, but for those who are foreign as captions can be easily translated. They are still doing it to this day.

Has a BInfoTech degree from Otago Polytechnic
Built up some sizable online communities for games, tv shows, potato chips, you name it
Has spent more than 12 years as a software developer
Has spent the last 3 years creating React-Native applications.
Seemingly knows what he's doing
Ray Arvin Rimorin

Arvin is an experienced mobile/desktop/website/toaster developer. He excels at developing rapid applications and picks up new technology pretty quickly. If it involves a challenge, he's up to the task. And he can double as a writer for humor magazines

An inquisitive person with a wide range of interests. Front end, backend, devops, graphic design; a passable full stack developer if there ever was one

A part time designer/digital artist

Started with Java apps for feature phones. Yes, he's a hipster
Almost a decade and a half being paid to write software
Co founder of Scrambled Eggs Ltd, a moderately successful mobile startup in the Philippines
Has spent the last 3 years creating React applications with and Django.
Has very little clue of what he's doing
Jamie Gracie

After working for the New Zealand Stock Exchange as a DevOps analyst helping manage, operate, and maintain all systems in t he exchange. Jamie also worked as Senior Web Developer for the Agri division of NZX leading the development for their three websites.

Jamie moved to Bahrain in 2015 and continued his Web Development role remotely. In 2017 Jamie left to be part of a FinTech startup in Bahrain.

Jamie has a very strong background in DevOps and Development and has spent the last 3 years managing a development team in the digitizing of a FinTech company and developing a self service portal for its clients. Jamie is a very proficient and strong manager with heavy skills in molding and mentoring teams, communicating with clients, and working with all aspects of the business and project.

Has a BICT degree from UCol
Built up some sizable online communities for games, tv shows, potato chips, you name it
Has spent more than 12 years as a software developer
Seemingly knows what he's doing

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